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Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box

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App Description: Light Box uses abstract animation and sound to introduce basic touch skills and awareness. Light Box was originally made for teenagers with autism and a range of complex needs. Sounds and graphics are appropriate for any age-group. Light Box naturally encourages exploration of touch gestures through 24 scenes which range from calm & immersive to loud & energetic. Numerous options are provided to customise visuals and simplify controls.
Cost of Usage: Free
Free demo:
Platform(s) /
App Source(s):
 (Google) Android
 Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad)
 Accessibility:   Visual Impairment
  Hearing Impairment
  Motor Impairment
  Learning disabilities
 Success Indicators: Direct feedback via sound and light
 Risks: There is a risc for people with eplilesy
 Keywords: cause and effect